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Inertsil HPLC Column ODS-3 250 x 4.6, 5um

Inertsil HPLC Column ODS-3V 250 x 4.6, 5um

PrincetonSPHER-100 C8 100A 250 x 4.6mm 5um

PrincetonSPHER-100 C18 100A 250 x 4.6mm 5um

High Purity Reagent & Solvents

We are one of the leading suppliers, wholesalers, dealers and exporters of laboratory chemicals, filter papers, glassware and scientific instruments from India to all our global market.

We are dealing in High Purity Solvents and their sub products.
Below are the products list with their specifications.

Ultra Pure Bio-Reagents

Ultra Pure Bio-ReagentsWe have a full line of reagents for your molecular biology applications. Our ULTRAPURE BIOREAGENTS line features:
  • 98-99% minimum Assay
  • detectable DNAse, RNAse, Protease activity
  • Low metal content
  • Low insolubles
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Baker Analyzed™ Reagents

Baker Analyzed Reagents
BAKER ANALYZED Reagents are intended for your use as general laboratory reagents. Every BAKER ANALYZED Reagent label provides an Actual Lot Analysis as your guarantee of purity and consistency. The quality of many BAKER ANALYZED Reagents meets or exceeds the requirements set forth by the American Chemical Society (ACS). These products are designated BAKER ANALYZED ACS Reagents.

When our product specifications surpass those listed in the ACS, either in tighter purity levels or additional parameters, the statement “exceeds ACS specifications” will be found in the product listings in the catalog, on our Certificates of Analysis, and on our product labels. These tighter limits and additional specifications provide you with improved consistency and characterization of your reagents.
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Baker Analyzed ACS Reagent Grade Acids

Baker Analyzed ACS Reagents Grade Acids
Convenience and Value for You Many BAKER ANALYZED ACS Reagent acids and bases are tested to parts per million (ppm) and parts per billion (ppb) levels for up to 18 metals. Your general-purpose acid can double as a trace metal acid for qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis.

Versatile BAKER ANALYZED ACS Reagent Acids for general use in the laboratory:
  • meet or exceed all the requirements outlined by the American Chemical Society (ACS).
  • provide an Actual Lot Analysis on the label with useful information, saving you time and effort.
  • feature SAF-T-DATA labeling that provides vital safety and chemical storage information at a glance.
  • include acids in poly coated bottles and bases in high density polyethylene bottles to help eliminate shattered bottles and enhance employee safety.
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Baker Instra-Analyzed™ Acids

Baker Instra-Analyzed  Acids
Consistency and High Performance for Your Trace Metal Analysis
An industry standard, BAKER INSTRA-ANALYZED acids have become a staple of trace metal laboratories everywhere. These acids:
  • are designed for Parts Per Billion (ppb) Elemental Analysis
  • deliver purity of 1 to 10 ppb for up to 35 metals
  • are packaged in poly coated and polyethylene bottles for your added safety
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ULTREX™ II Ultrapure Acids and Reagents

Ultrapure Acids and Reagents
Highest Purity for Your Most Critical Trace Metal Analysis

For your most important trace element analyses use ULTREX II acids. Sub-boiling distillation and packaging in pre-leached, fluoropolymer bottles guarantees that ULTREX II acids are the purest acids available anywhere.

ULTREX II acids offer:
  • Analysis for up to 65 trace elements
  • Specifications of less than 10 parts per trillion (ppt) for 50 elements
  • Total element impurities that do not typically exceed 500 ppt
  • Specifications that exceed American Chemical Society (ACS) specifications where applicable
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HPLC Solvents

HPLC Solvents
Consistently Providing You the Highest Quality Solvents
J.T.Baker® HPLC solvents are repeatedly found at the top of industry quality surveys based on years of innovation, purity and consistency. Our focus on this specific application still pushes us to continually improve these processes to meet increasing industry demands. HPLC solvents feature:
  • Extreme lot to lot consistency with Actual Lot Analysis on the label
  • Low backgrounds free of extraneous peaks.
  • Low UV absorbance in critical ranges - assured through UV absorbance testing at a variety of points and through gradient elution testing.
  • Low residue after evaporation
  • Innovative packaging options enable HPLC solvent quality to be maintained to the point-of-use.
  • Extensive testing ensures industry leading performance.
  • Fluorescence testing for trace impurities which would cause interference.
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HPLC Acids, Buffers and Modifiers

HPLC Acids, Buffers and Modifiers
Specialized Reagents to Optimize Your HPLC Applications
HPLC acids, buffers and ion pair reagents enhance the usefulness of HPLC as an analytical technique. To assure HPLC suitability, these reagents are controlled for performance characteristics including:
  • Solubility in aqueous and organic solutions
  • UV transparency for optimum sensitivity
  • Metallic impurities that can affect biological activity
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LC/MS Solvents and Blends

LC MS Solvents and Blends
Our LC/MS solvents product line is the culmination of many years of technological advancements. We’ve combined our expertise in distillation, purification, blending, and packaging to produce convenient, straight and pre-blended products which are ready for use.

LC/MS solvents and solvent blends are completely ready to use and offer:
  • Reproducible performance
  • Lot to lot consistency
  • Stringent UV specifications
  • Filter through 0.2µm filter to remove particles
  • Minimal ionization suppression
  • Minimal metal adduct formation, organics, and RAE
  • Cost effectiveness, time efficiency
  • Reduced contaminants
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Ultra Resi-Analyzed™ Solvents
Ultra Resi-Analyzed Solvents
The Premier Environmental Solvents that Deliver Results for You

ULTRA RESI-ANALYZED™ solvents are application optimized and function tested to provide the best performance on any GC. Attain the highest performance during your EPA and other environmental applications.

Application Optimized
  • Unique stabilizer systems provide unmatched product stability and interference-free results.
  • Optimized distillation processes are targeted at removal of reactive solvent impurities, production of higher assays and narrow solvent fronts.
  • Processes and packaging are blanketed with inert gas to prevent contamination.
Function Tested
  • Extensively characterized by high resolution capillary GC and proven suitable by use-tests to the ppt/ppb level. Includes tests on both ECD and FID detectors.
  • Tested to meet EPA requirements for Extraction/Concentration procedures and AOAC requirements for pesticide residue analysis.
  • Performance tested to purity levels below the Lower Limits of Quantitation (LLQ) for trace analyte detection by standard EPA methods.
  • Meets or exceeds all the requirements of the American Chemical Society (ACS).
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PHOTREX™ Solvents

Photrex Solvents
J.T.Baker® PHOTREX™ solvents are specifically manufactured and tested to ensure the cleanest and most consistent UV and IR spectra for use in spectrophotometry.

Application Optimized
  • PHOTREX solvents are manufactured to minimize lot-to-lot variability.
  • Processes are controlled to minimize contamination which would interfere with UV and IR spectra.
Function Tested
  • PHOTREX solvents are extensively tested for UV absorbance or optical absorbance and IR transmittance.
  • Tested for other parameters which can interfere including residue after evaporation, acid concentration, and base concentration.
  • Meet or exceed all the requirements of the American Chemical Society (ACS).
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Baker Analyzed™ ACS Reagent Solvents

Baker Analyzed ACS Reagent Solvents
When You Require the Best ACS Solvents

J.T.Baker realizes that having a variety of high quality ACS solvents in various convenient and functional packaging is important to you. Our solvents will more than suit all of your needs for your routine applications. These products:
  • meet or exceed all the requirements outlined by the American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • offer lot to lot consistency
  • ensure consistent results
  • provide reproducible results time after time
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Bakerdry™ Anhydrous Solvents

Bakerdry Anhydrous Solvents
BakerDRY low water solvents are specifically manufactured for use in water-sensitive syntheses
  • contain no preservatives
  • maintain less than 10 ppm peroxides
  • deliver low levels of water and dissolved oxygen, while meeting ACS specifications for reagent chemicals.
BakerDRY anhydrous solvents are application optimized and function tested for organic, organometallic and oligonucleotide synthesis. When using BakerDRY solvents:
  • there is no need for further purification.
  • solvents arrive ready-to-use in your synthesis application.
  • the solvents are purified to remove impurities such as water, peroxides, dissolved oxygen and residue to the lowest levels in the industry.
  • the solvents are provided in special packaging to allow multiple uses while minimizing the introduction of contaminants.
  • the solvents are tested to confirm high assay, and low water, peroxide, and residue after evaporation levels.
Special packaging options for BakerDRY anhydrous solvents include 100 mL and 1 L Septum-Seal bottles and the CYCLE-TAINER solvent delivery system.
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Baker Bio-Analyzed™ Solvents for DNA & Peptide Synthesis

Solvents for DNA & Peptide Synthesis
These solvents are specifically engineered, manufactured and tested to maximize coupling efficiencies and deliver the highest yields in this critical application.

Application Optimized
  • Dried to produce the lowest water levels in the industry.
  • Packaged in closed systems and blanketed with inert gas to maintain quality and low water content right up to point-of-use.
  • Purified and distilled to control amine, acid, base and residue after evaporation levels which typically limit yields and coupling efficiencies.
Function Tested
  • Extensive testing for important contaminants ensures optimum performance and consistency.
  • Additional testing for impurities such as peroxides is performed on specific solvents when their presence in elevated levels would impact synthesis yields.
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Hydra-Point™ Karl Fischer Reagents

Karl Fischer Reagents
Fast and Accurate Water Determination

Whether your needs are for volumetric or coulometric systems, HYDRA-POINT Karl Fischer reagents make water determination easy and trouble-free. HYDRA-POINT reagents are specially formulated to give you consistent and reliable results for all types of samples. With HYDRA-POINT reagents you are assured of:
  • Productivity HYDRA-POINT reagents are formulated to reach endpoint quickly, accurately and with reproducibility, allowing you to perform more titrations in less time.
  • Accuracy Comparison studies to other brands prove HYDRA-POINT reagents have titers that are more stable with less drift. Stable titer and drift help save time and reduce reagent usage.
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